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Heaven Deluxe Massage

 A combination of sweedish massage strokes with combination of  gentle and delicate touch and firm pressure as needed to reduce muscle tension, hot stones, hot towels, foot scrub and essential oil. 

Benefit: to increase blood flow, relax body, breakdown scar tissue, adding wellness by using essential oil to enhance benefits. 

1 Hour – $ 130

75 Minutes – $ 145

90 Minutes – $ 165

Moonlight Massage:

Perform sweedish massage techniques  incorporating hot stones, hot towels and organic moisture hydrating foot mask.

Benefits: Relaxes body, decreases tension in sore muscles, increases blood circulation, improves sleep. 

1 Hour – $ 105

75 Minutes – $ 125

90 Minutes – $ 150

Universe Massage

Deep tissue techniques using slow deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers, muscles, tendons and other tissues deep under the skin, includes hot towels and foot treatment.

Benefits: Relieves chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries, like sprains.  

1 Hour – $ 120

75 Minutes -$ 135

90 Minutes -$ 155

Bright Star Massage

Swedish massage strokes incorporating hot towels and organic foot moisture mask. 

Benefits: Optimize relaxation, increase blood flow, decrease anxiety, improve sleep. 

1 Hour – $ 100

75 Minutes – $ 125

90 Minutes – $ 145

Membership available 1 Hour – $85

Are you ready for a change in your life and not sure where to start? 

Individual personal development therapy session now available upon request.

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